Italy Painting Original Watercolor Artwork

The size of this sketch is great. I also really like the loose sketch style and how the colors compliment each other perfectly. And I love that instead of taking the whole paper, the sketch is detailed and vibrant in the middle, and then, it seems to disappear out into pastels and white on the edges. I just think this sketch is adorable. I absolutely love this piece of artwork and I will definitely continue to come back to your shop in the future.
Vy Le
Height: 8 inch

Width: 6 inch

Style: Watercolor

Status: Sold


Original watercolor painting by YaelNataliArt is created with love.. From heart to heart!!!.. Size: 8 by 6 inches.. Year: 2021.. Medium: Top brended watercolor paints on watercolor cold press paper 140lb (300gsm) 100% cotton paper